Castle Island

Castle Island, Lough Key - © ianmitchinson
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Adresse Location:
Boyle, (County Roscommon)

Lost in the middle of the lake of Lough Key is a small island and its castle: Castle Island (also called “Macdermott’s Castle”). Beautiful, it once belonged to the most influential family in the Roscommon area and is one of the jewels of the lake. The only condition to admire it: take the boat!

Visit the Castle Island

The castle of a former king of the region: Cormac MacDermott

There are still many parts of mystery about this castle. However, its construction is thought to date from around the 13th century. Its installation on an island in Lough Key, assured its occupants calm, security, and 360-degree view of the surroundings: an ideal situation to watch over their Kingdom!

Today in a state of ruin, the site is still the object of great fascination for tourists and the community of historians. It must be said that the castle is still widely recognizable, with its fortified walls, its high tower, and its defensive crenellated walls!

The castle thus stretches high up on a tiny island surrounded by local wooded vegetation. This gives it an authentic and picturesque charm!

To admire it, you’ll have to take a tourist boat: some lake companies will offer you a tour of the island aboard a small shuttle. Count about 10€ per visit.

Castle Island
Practical information

Address Address:
south east of Lough Key

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
53.989527, -8.232641

Castle Island : the map

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