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Ballinagree, (County Cork)

Carrigagulla is a megalithic complex located 3km north-east of Ballinagreen in County Cork. On the program, stone circles, oghams and alignments: what to dive in the heart of a prehistoric Ireland which knew how to leave traces…

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A set of megaliths lost in the Irish countryside

Carrigagulla is a group of megaliths which was moved in the XXth century by the county of Cork. Its current location is therefore not its original site. Nowadays, the site consists exactly of :

  • 2 circles of lying stones
  • 1 formation of megaliths in D
  • 2 alignments
  • an ogham stone

The first circle of stones measures 8.2 meters in diameter and consists of 16 stones, one of which would be off-center. Their height would oscillate between 30 and 90cm. A big megalith would be placed in the center of the circle, and was used at the time as a place of ritual.

The second stone circle would be composed of 15 menhirs, arranged around a central slab. More imposing, this last one was originally composed of 17 menhirs, but some of these megaliths would have curiously disappeared during the centuries… 250 meters further north, another megalithic formation is located. Installed near the river Laney, it would be composed of 5 to 6 stones only, forming a kind of D.

Finally, the site also has 2 stone alignments, the first one being composed of 5 megaliths, the second of 3.

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52.009716, -8.914112

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