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Kingscourt, (County Cavan)

Cabra Castle is an impressive Irish castle, now used as a luxury hotel. Located near the village of Cabra, it would have been built during the 19th century, in a clever mix of gothic and neo-norman style. A nice castle, to admire without hesitation!

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A castle converted into a 4 star luxury hotel

The Cabra Castle is located near the R179: easily recognizable, with its neo-Norman exterior, the castle is distinguished by its many crenellated octagonal towers. Inside, the style is different, with a “gothic” style of decoration and architecture. All the furniture dates from the 1810s, when the Foster family built the building.

The construction of the castle was such a huge project, that it led to the bankruptcy of the Foster family. After the castle was completed, the family was forced to sell the property to wealthier neighbors, the Pratts, who lived not far from Cabra Castle.

The castle was passed down from generation to generation until 1964, when it was sold to the Brennan family who decided to turn it into a hotel. The hotel was finally sold in 1991 to the Corscadden family, who restored it into a luxurious hotel.

Since then, the castle is still in operation, and welcomes many guests looking for a change of scenery and historical character. Even if you are not a guest, don’t hesitate to stop by, if only to discover its exterior façade!

Cabra Castle
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