The Burren Brewery

Les bières de la Burren Brewery
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Adresse Location:
Lisdoonvarna, (County Clare)

Located in the village of Lisdoonvarna is the Burren Brewery, an Irish brewery in County Clare, specializing in renowned craft beer. This Irish micro-brewery has the advantage of being located in the heart of the Burren, a beautiful region of Ireland. Opened in 2011, the microbrewery has since earned its credentials. It brews subtle and delicate beers with typical Irish aromas!

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History of the brewery

The beers of the Burren Brewery

The beers of the Burren Brewery

It all started in 2011, when Peter Cutrin, an Irishman from Lisdoonvarna decided to embark on a project: brewing his own beer.

Sharing a love for things well done, he decided to set up shop under the roof of the Roadside Tavern, an existing Irish pub in the city, where he serves and brews his own beers in a cosy and authentic atmosphere! (Traditional Irish music is regularly played there).

Since that day, the microbrewery has known an unequalled success, recognized by the Lonely Planet guide in 2017, as being one of the best microbrewery in Ireland (this one ranking 3rd)!

The beers of the Burren Brewery

Beers only available on site

The Burren Brewery has a particularity: it only offers its beers on the spot, and on draught. So don’t count on a bottle to take home. In Lisdoonvarna, the local beer can be tasted in the Roadside Tavern… and not elsewhere!

But the discovery is well worth playing the game.

Peter Curtin proposes 3 beers :

  • the Burren Gold : a light lager with fruity accents
  • Burren Red, a red ale with malty, sweet and spicy accents
  • and Burren Black, a full-bodied brown ale, stronger in aroma and alcohol

All 3 are interesting and have their own identity. They will surprise you with their character and subtlety!

The Burren Brewery
Practical information

Address Address:
Roadside Tavern - 17 Rooska, Rathbaun, Lisdoonvarna

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
53.028280, -9.290817

Duration of the visit Duration of the visit:
45 minutes

AppellationsEnglish name: Burren Brewery

The Burren Brewery : the map

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