Bridges of Ross - @itsyourgrace

Bridges of Ross

Bridges of Ross - @itsyourgrace

Bridges of Ross is a geological curiosity worth seeing in Ireland. It consists of 3 natural rocky arches, carved out of the Cliffs by natural erosion from the ocean. So much so, that these arches end up forming bridges: the Bridges of Ross. A magical place, which seems to defy the laws of physics, and which demonstrates all the power of the ocean!

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A natural bridge, naturally formed by the Atlantic Ocean

Bridges of Ross - @itsyourgrace

Bridges of Ross – @itsyourgrace

Bridges of Ross is located on the west coast of Ross Bay, an Irish bay in County Claren facing the Atlantic Ocean. Its spectacle is breathtaking: the ground seems to have been literally “punctured” by the waves. As if the rock had been sculpted by the ocean.

This geological formation is, of course, the result of thousands of years of erosion that eventually “attacked” the rock. This makes the Bridges of Ross an ever-changing place that will continue to change for centuries to come.

It is worth noting that nowadays only one natural bridge remains, the second having disappeared into the water due to erosion. However, the site has kept its name in the plural.

The site is very popular with sea birds: many come here to nest! Puffins, seagulls… The site is also considered as a famous place for ornithologists and other bird lovers. Don’t hesitate to walk around, take pictures, and admire all the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Be careful however when approaching the edge: accidents have already happened.

Note that the site is not visible from the road, and may be difficult to find. You can use our GPS points given below to make sure you can find it easily.

Head due west (left) from the Ross Bridge car park and walk a few hundred metres along the trail.

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Address Address: Ross, Co. Clare
Lieu : (County Clare)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 52.591274,-9.873063

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DurationDuration: 20 minutes

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