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Blarney, (County Cork)

To the lovers of old stones and dark big castles : Blarney Castle is one of these authentic castles that emerge you in a fascinating and mysterious middle age universe. Don’t miss the local curiosity : “ The stone of eloquence”, a stone located to the summit of the castle, and which gives the talent of eloquence to anyone that kiss it !

Visit of Blarney Castle

A Fortress over 600 years old…

The Blarney Castle from the inside - Jennifer Boyer - cc

The Blarney Castle from the inside – Jennifer Boyer – cc

Located in the city of Blarney, in the county of Cork, the castle of Blarney was built for the first time in the 14th century, then destroyed in 1446. It was the king of the Munster Cormac, McCarthy that decided it’s restructuring.

Aged of almost 600 years old, the Blarney castle is lost in a dense wilderness that makes it’s visit especially pleasant. The castle is really like a gigantic ruined square tower, surrounded by vegetation as well as fabulous wooded gardens open to visitors.

Gardens haunted by druids and fairies

These gardens and forests are also the site of many legends linked to the presence of witches and druids … These surroundings (known as “Rock Close”) have countless waterfalls, as well as some dolmens, not to mention ” The Witch’s stairs ”, which, if you climb them upside down, your eyes closed allow you to grant our wishes.

Not far from the fortress, you will also find a second tower, this time conical and of lower height, pierced with windows, and offering a breathtaking view of the surroundings. At the time, this tower was used as a guard post to keep Blarney Castle safe.

The Poison Garden

Among all of Blarney’s gardens, there is one that is said to be the most dangerous in Ireland. Named “Poison Garden”, (or “the poisoned garden”, vr garden is located behind the ramparts of Blarney Castle. Although it seems identical to the other gardens, we recommend the greatest caution! The latter brings together some of the deadliest plants in the World!

This is why you will find many signs surmounted by a skull, asking you not to touch, breathe or taste its plants and flowers. It is also recommended to keep your children next to you and to hold them by the hand…

His warnings are there for a good reason: among the plants and herbs in the garden are deadly specimens such as the Wolfsbane, Mla andrake, Hellebore, Hemlock, and Ricinus communis (the latter produces castor oil , a deadly poison for humans).

The place is as dangerous as it is fascinating! Along your walk, you will find signs and signs telling the story of these plants, as well as their toxic properties.

Note the coming presence of a new section of deadly plants: carnivorous plants. The latter should be cultivated shortly by the gardeners of Blarney Castle.

The stone of eloquence…

The eloquence stone of Blarney Castle - Cyril Doussin - cc

The eloquence stone of Blarney Castle – Cyril Doussin – cc

If you decide to venture to the top of the castle, don’t miss the local curiosity known as “The Stone of Eloquence”. This stone is located at the height of the crenelated tower, and according to legend, would give many verbal talents to anyone who kissed it. (We can thus read on the presentation panel: “There is a Stone there, That Whoever kisses, Oh! He never misses to grow eloquent.”).

The legend has existed for almost 200 years, and as tradition dictates, many visitors stick to it!

Many celebrities have even played the game! But beware ! The stone requires to be kissed in a very particular way which requires to tilt back to be able to kiss it. Legends say that the stone was removed from Scotland, where it served as a prophetic power for royal succession and was called “Stone of Destiny”.

When Cormac Mac Carthy, King of Munster, sent 4,000 men to support Robert The Bruce in his English defeat against the Scots at Bannockburn in 1314, the stone was split in half and half was sent to Blarney Castle, and climbed to the top of tower.

Plan an hour or so to visit: Blarney Castle is definitely worth a look!

Blarney Castle
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