Benwee Head - Arnaud Regnier - cc

Benwee Head

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Benwee Head - Arnaud Regnier - cc

Informations about Benwee Head

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Mayo (Republic of Ireland)
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Address : Carrownaglogh

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Benwee Head, also known as “Yellow Cliffs” is located in Mayo County. It is a set of cliffs, rocks and arches facing the ocean. The view is remarkable and will provide you with one of the most beautiful coastal views in the area. These cliffs overlook Broadhaven Bay. The cliffs have trails designed to allow you to enjoy them at the pace of a short hike. A must do!

Visit Benwee Head

A place where the wilderness surpasses all…

The cliffs of Benwee can be enjoyed from the sea, or via land. The spectacle they offer is fascinating: its majestic cliffs, steep headlands, rocky creeks and jagged chimneys offer a surprising landscape, where marine nature has completely taken over the rock.

Reaching up to 304 metres, the cliffs are constantly battered by the waves with varying degrees of violence. The rock, strangely yellow, gives a very different touch to the other Irish cliffs and contrasts wonderfully with the surrounding greenery. The cliff is ultra-cut and seems to fall vertiginously into the ocean.

Among the sights of Benwee Head, don’t miss the “Stags of Broadhaven”. This is a group of four steep rocky islets reaching almost 100 metres above sea level. They lie offshore, 2km north of Benwee Head and are a site of birding significance. The view is magical in both rain and shine, making you wonder what these rocks are doing in the open sea!

On the promenade, several walks are possible depending on your level and the desired duration. The paths loop the entire cliff and are marked with red, green and blue arrows depending on the type of walk the individual or group wishes to take. Do not hesitate to leave well covered, and especially with good hiking boots. Avoid the place in stormy or bad weather: some places can be dangerous.

Practical informations

Adresse Address: Carrownaglogh
Location: (County Mayo)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 54.336807,-9.818881

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