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Beltany stone circle

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Beltany Stone Circle - Osioni - cc

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Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Donegal (Republic of Ireland)
Location :
Address : south of the village of Raphoe

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The Beltany stone circle is a Neolithic stone circle, located south of the town of Raphoe in County Donegal. Built between 1400 and 800 B.C., it is one of the most important stone circles in the area!

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A Neolithic stone circle

The Beltany stone circle consists of no less than 64 imposing stones, distributed in a circular fashion around a platform similar to an ancient burial mound. Located at the top of Tops Hill, a small green hill, the site is impressive.

Some of the stones in the circle have engravings (cupules). Finally, a single 2-metre high stone stands to the south of the circle. According to the researchers, this megalith must have had a ritual function, but the hypotheses on the subject are still rather vague.

Access to the site is free. Its rather enchanting setting should seduce you, and bring its share of mystery and unsolved stories. A pretty prehistoric stone circle, which should arouse the curiosity of young and old alike!

Practical informations

Adresse Address: south of the village of Raphoe
Location: (County Donegal)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 54.850401,-7.604658

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