Belfast Christmas Market

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Belfast, (County Antrim)

The Belfast Christmas Market is a great opportunity to celebrate the holidays and get into the Christmas spirit! There you will find more than 90 stalls, where shopkeepers offer fine food and crafts!

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A mostly gastronomic market!

The Belfast Christmas Market is held every year in the gardens of the Belfast City Hall. It brings together more than 90 traders from all over the world who are determined to make you salivate over their local gastronomic specialities.

You can enjoy delicious pancakes, hot chestnuts, mince pies and Plum Pudding. For those who like their food salty, you can choose between ostrich burgers, kangaroo steaks, Bratwurst sausage, spit-roasted pork, all of course, served with mulled wine, cider or white wine.

No need to go there with a full belly! You will be seduced by the many chocolates, cakes and other culinary specialities from all over the world. What is certain is that you will be delighted, and that you can already draw inspiration from the products on offer to compose your future Christmas meal!

Belfast Christmas Market
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Address Address:
in the gardens of Belfast City Hall.

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54.596774, -5.930079
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entrée gratuite

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from 19 November to 19 December

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