Beal Boru

Beal Boru

Beal Boru

Close to Lough Derg is Beal Boru, a prehistoric site dating back to the Iron Age. Lost in the middle of the forest, more than 800 stone tools were found there. A high place in Irish history, which King Brian Boru is said to have appropriated the name!

Visit the Beal Boru

An archaeological site lost in the middle of the forest

Although often ignored by tourists, this site is really worth the detour! Composed of a ringfort, several hundreds of stone tools, including axes, hammers, etc., are said to have been found there.

The fort can be found by taking a grassy path halfway between the road to Killaloe and Scarrif. You will recognize it by its grassy mound. Be careful not to damage it.

A nice, quiet and charming place!

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Address Address: on the road to Killaloe/Scarrif
Lieu : (County Clare)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 52.818928,-8.451669

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