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Beaghmore Stones

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Beaghmore Stones - Stephen Trew - cc

Informations about Beaghmore Stones

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Tyrone (Northern Ireland)
Address : near Cookstone and Gortin on the A29.

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Beaghmore Stones is an archaeological complex dating from the Bronze Age, comprising many stone circles and a few cairns, located in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, not far from Cookstown, in a working peat bog. Dating from 1500 B.C., Beagmore Stone is actually a recent discovery, and is believed to have been brought to light in 1940, when an active bog was studied. The site is absolutely incredible, and is open to the public…

History of Beaghmore Stones

Circles of stones and cairns

In the Neolithic period the Beaghmore Stones site was a veritable forest, which was eventually cleared by Neolithic farmers to make way for logging areas.

The first megaliths were installed on the site in 1500 BC. Some of them form circles together, while others are arranged in the form of Cairn (a kind of corridor tomb covered by a stone dome).

The site is then invaded over the centuries by an imposing peat bog, which eventually completely conceals the megaliths.

The site was not discovered until many centuries later, in 1940, when scientists and archaeologists were surveying a still active peat bog southeast of Sperrin Mountain. At that time, the discovery was formidable: there were 7 stone circles, as well as alignments, and 12 cairns… The site was deepened and excavated between 1945 and 1949, then abandoned until 1965, when new excavations were undertaken. Traces of prehistoric fireplaces, flint carvings, and a polished axe, found in one of the cairns, were found.

According to archaeologists, it would be quite conceivable that other Neolithic remains could be present in a peat bog adjacent to the one where the Beaghmore Stones site was found.

Visit Beaghmore Stones

An exceptional view of prehistoric tombs

If you wish to discover the Beaghmore Stones site, you will have to go about 10 km from Cookstone. The show is then free, and most striking. You will find 7 stone circles, (6 of which are twinned), with diameters of 10 and 20 meters.

Nearby you will find many stone alignments of all sizes, geometrically arranged on either side of the stone circles.

Finally, you will be able to admire the presence of 12 cairns, a kind of stone mounds covering a burial place, whose state has been remarkably well preserved .

Practical informations

Adresse Address: near Cookstone and Gortin on the A29.
Location: , (County Tyrone)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 54.701834,-6.936551

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DurationDuration: 20 minutes


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