Ballynoe stone circle - philip hay - cc

Ballynoe Stone Circle

Localisation en Irlande
Ballynoe stone circle - philip hay - cc

Informations about Ballynoe Stone Circle

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Down (Northern Ireland)
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Address : two miles outside of Downpatrick, Down County.

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The Ballynoe Stone Circle is a stone circle located in the village of Ballynoe in County Down in Ireland . Dating from the Neolithic period, these 50 erected megaliths form a large circle of more than 110 meters in diameter… An impressive site that will delight lovers of history, myths and legends!

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An impressive archaeological site

Ballynoe stone circle - philip hay - cc

Ballynoe stone circle – philip hay – cc

The stone circle of Ballynoe is located near the disused train station of the village. A long path will take you to the site, which is free of charge.

The stone circle is essentially composed of 50 granite blocks of different sizes. According to archaeologists, the site was once a cairn, covered with earth and grass (a covered corridor tomb). The men of the time used it to deposit the cremated bones of their dead in each chamber. Researchers found pottery, as well as some stone tools…

The site is exceptional, and still a source of great mysteries… Don’t hesitate to take a walk there : you will quickly be charmed by the silence that reigns there !

Practical informations

Adresse Address: two miles outside of Downpatrick, Down County.
Location: (County Down)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 54.290581,-5.726155

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