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Ballykeel dolmen

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Ballykeel dolmen - minipixel - cc

Informations about Ballykeel dolmen

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Down (Northern Ireland)
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Address : three miles from Forkhill on Camlough Road.

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The Ballykeel Dolmen is an imposing monument made up of 3 blocks of stone supporting a 4th block which forms the top of the dolmen. Particularly appreciated by the visitors, the Ballykeel Dolmen is known for its excellent state of conservation, as well as for its imposing size.

Visit the Ballykeel Dolmen

A Monument dating from the Neolithic period…

Ballykeel Dolmen - Public Domain

The Ballykeel dolmen – Public Domain

The Ballykeel dolmen is located 5km from Forkhill, and is easily visible from the road. Its visit is free and open to all.

The dolmen is composed of 3 blocks of stone forming a tripod strong enough to support a 4th block, 3 meters long. In 1965, archaeological excavations were undertaken on the periphery of the dolmen. On this occasion, the table was replaced due to its poor condition by a new stone block with a similar shape to the first one.

Near the dolmen, the remains of an ancient cairn were also discovered, a sort of covered passage tomb, now completely collapsed.

According to archaeologists, the dolmen and its cairn were used as a funerary altar and a place where certain rituals and sacred ceremonies were practiced. However, little is still known about these strange constructions…

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Adresse Address: three miles from Forkhill on Camlough Road.
Location: (County Down)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 54.131617,-6.478323

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DurationDuration: 30 minutes


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