Baily Lighthouse, Howth - © Ton18

The Baily Lighthouse

Baily Lighthouse, Howth - © Ton18

The Baily Lighthouse is a second lighthouse belonging to the village of Howth. Magnificently located on a green and rocky tip (Howth Head Peninsula), its mission is to watch over Dublin Bay and its ships.

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A lighthouse built in 1814

Baily Lighthouse - Paul O'Donnell - cc

The Baily Lighthouse – Paul O’Donnellcc

The Baily Lighthouse is believed to have been built in 1814, replacing an old lighthouse that was considered obsolete and poorly positioned on the Howth Coast. It is 41 metres high and is easily recognizable by its white plaster and red ring. In addition, the lighthouse has 1 large house for the main keeper and 2 separate houses for the assistant keepers. Built in 1892, they were an opportunity for the keepers to rest before taking turns.

Since 1996, the lighthouse has been fully automated, and the last lightkeeper left the lighthouse in March 1997. Nevertheless, an attendant still lives on site, in the lighthouse’s main residence, to ensure a presence in case of technical problems.

Since 2000, you can visit some of the lighthouse buildings, which have now been converted into a museum. This museum is not open regularly but allows you to discover the history of the lighthouse, its way of working, as well as the old and precarious daily life of the lighthouse keepers …

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Address Address: sur Howth Head
Lieu : (County Dublin)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.385397,-6.048989

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