Audleystown Court Cairn

Audleystown Cour Cairn - Ray Hunt
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Strangford, (County Down)

Audleystown Cour Cairn is a prehistoric grave on the southern shore of Strangford Lough. In very good condition, it was once used as a burial ground: excavations have revealed traces of human and animal bones, as well as pottery and flint tools.

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A double gallery cairn

Audleystown Cour Cairn takes the form of a double tomb now without a roof. At 27 meters long, the cairn is still recognizable, with its stone corridor leading to 2 galleries with 4 chambers. The site was discovered in 1946 by a farmer.

Excavations were then carried out in 1952 by the Irish Archaeological Survey. According to the researchers, at least 34 people of both sexes and of all ages would have rested there. Some of their bones bear the marks of fire, showing that some of these people were burned before resting in these burial chambers.

We also found 15 pieces of pottery, all dating from the Neolithic period. Unfortunately, the collapse of the roof reduced these remains to fragments. The site is imposing, and rich in questions and mystery. A must-see for megaliths and Neolithic history buffs.

Audleystown Court Cairn
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near Strangford

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