Assaranca waterfall

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Assaranca waterfall - © Johannes Rigg
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The Assaranca waterfall is an Irish waterfall located 8km from Ardara (Co. Donegal) on the road to the Maghera beach (a beautiful wild beach in the area that we warmly recommend). Although the site is not a must, it nevertheless offers beautiful landscapes, and a very beautiful wild waterfall, whose charm changes with the seasons and daylight.

Visit the Assaranca waterfall

A waterfall on the road to Maghera beach and the cliffs of Slieve League

If you like greenery, and waterways, then the Assaranca waterfall is well worth a stop. It must be said that the site is rather pretty and bucolic, and the waterfall reaches a significant height. The spectacle is all the more impressive!

The waterfall lands then in a moderately deep basin: a place that makes you want to go for a swim in summer by strong heat!

The spot is perfect for a few pictures and a small romantic stop.

Beware, the place is difficult to reach by car: you will have to walk a little to get to the site.

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Address Address: Co. Donegal, Irlande
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