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Craigavon, (County Armagh)

There are not only breweries and distilleries in Ireland! The country is also known for its cider factories, including the Armagh Cider Company, a family-owned establishment that has been producing one of the best ciders in Ireland since only 2006!

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A family cider mill run by the Troughton family

The Armagh Cider Company is a company that produces its own apples at Ballinteggart House and processes them into cider at its cider house.

To produce their beverage, the family uses a blend of Armagh Bramley apples as well as more common cider apples and table apples. The result is delicious, and one of the best ciders ever produced in Northern Ireland!

Possibility to visit the cider house in Craigavon since the beginning of 2014. The owners will be delighted to show you their artisanal production methods!

Armagh Cider Company
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à Craigavon

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54.407843, -6.485840

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