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Annalong Cornmill

L'Annalong Corn Mill - Richard Browne... - cc

The Annalong Cornmill is an old Northern Irish mill built in 1830, near Newcastle in County Down. Located on the harbor of Annalong Harbour, it offers to its visitors a breathtaking view on the bay and its fishing boats. A 100% authentic site!

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A water wheel mill from the 19th century

The Annalong Cornmill is a stone mill, equipped with a water wheel. It was once used to grind grain produced by Irish farmers in County Down.

The mill has not been in operation since 1960, but it is still a popular tourist attraction today. Visitors like to discover how it works and admire its idyllic setting, facing Annalong Harbour. Although the mill is closed to visitors, you can still walk around it and admire its dry stone and mortar walls, its wooden wheel, outcropping in the current, as well as its ideal position in Annalong Harbour (the activity is regular, and many locals fish in the Irish Sea!)

The setting is charming and picturesque. There are a few shops nearby where you can rest and do a little tourist shopping…


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Address Address: Marine Park | Annalong, Newcastle
Lieu : (County Down)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 54.108738,-5.896839

SchedulesSchedules :

  • Mill closed to visitors

DurationDuration: 15 minutes

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