Annadorn Dolmen - Ardfern - cc

Annadorn Dolmen

Annadorn Dolmen - Ardfern - cc

The Annadorn Dolmen is an imposing dolmen from Down County, more precisely located near Loughinisland. Built on a mound overlooking the Loughinisland Churches (a group of 3 churches in ruins), this dolmen is said to date from the Neolithic period, and is today classified as a Historic Monument . To see: it is really worth the detour!

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A dolmen located in Down County

The dolmen of Annadorn consists of a very large rectangular table, supported by 3 main stones, as well as a quantity of smaller stones, which ensure its stability. The whole describes a 60cm high burial chamber, sheltered from the wind and rain.

Archaeological excavations carried out around 1802 would have revealed that this dolmen was once part of a much larger cairn. This dolmen would thus be one of the rare remains of an ancient tomb with a corridor! The cairn would not have survived the centuries, but the solidity of the dolmen would have allowed it to survive…

On the research side, reports from 1802 attest to having found ashes as well as traces of human and animal bones. Clues that reinforce the thesis of a Neolithic burial chamber, as found in most Irish dolmens

Note that the dolmen of Annadorn was also used as a gathering place by Thomas Russell in the 18th century. The latter was at the time co-founder and leader of the United Irishmen.

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Address Address: near Loughinisland
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