Altar wede tomb - Shawn Harquail - cc

Altar Wedge Tomb

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Altar wede tomb - Shawn Harquail - cc

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Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Cork (Republic of Ireland)
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Address : 10km east of the village of Schull.

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The Altar Wedge Tomb is an Irish dolmen located near Schull in County Cork. The dolmen is magnificent was built on a beautiful waterfront overlooking Toormore Bay. An exceptional setting, for an archaeological site that has retained all its character!

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A dolmen facing the sea!

Altar Wedge Tomb - ReflectedSerendipity - cc

Altar Wedge Tomb – ReflectedSerendipity – cc

The dolmen of Altar Wedge Tomb dates from the end of the Stone Age. More than 3.5 metres long, the dolmen is made up of 2 distinct parts, which form a semi-circular enclosure.

The 1989 excavations would have revealed traces of human bones, as well as cavities dug underneath, with numerous offerings, such as shells and pottery. The site was reused during the Bronze Age, and was the object of rites during the Celtic and Irish Middle Ages.

Nowadays, the site is still intact and can be visited for free. The dolmen is spectacular, and consists of very long tables, which are supported by smaller megaliths placed vertically. The balance is perfect, and faces the sea! The charm of the place is unquestionable, and particularly restful.

Rich in mystery, the Altar Wedge Tomb should appeal to lovers of beautiful panoramas and ancient stones!

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Adresse Address: 10km east of the village of Schull.
Location: (County Cork)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 51.513795,-9.644010

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