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Tullow, (County Carlow)

Altamont Garden is a botanical garden in Carlow County. If you like botany, and creative gardens, then this area should be a fun place to be! On the program, stroll, fariente and relaxation, all in a bucolic and green setting!

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A park for green lovers!

The Altamont Gardens are located less than 50km from the city of Kilkenny. Access is free and open to all, and you will be able to admire a pretty park with imposing trees, hedges, rose bushes and rare species of flowers of all kinds.

The place is calm and restful and will make you go along the river of the corner. Ideal if you have children who want to stretch their legs! Possibility to picnic on the spot, as long as you respect the place and don’t leave anything lying around.

Altamont Garden
Practical information

Address Address:
follow the L2023 at 50km from Kilkenny

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52.736485, -6.723919
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