Allihies Copper Mine Museum - © Johannes Rigg

Allihies Copper Mine Museum

Allihies Copper Mine Museum - © Johannes Rigg

The Allihies Copper Mine Museum is a museum in the village of Allihies in County Cork. It is entirely devoted to the history of mining in the area. A really nice museum to discover the history of the village, and the daily life of the miners of the time!

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A museum to tell the story of the Irish miners of the 19th century

Allilies has a particularly strong history of mining. Owner of the famous Swansea mine, the village was a major player in the mining industry at the time. It must be said that between 1812 and 1912, the mine extracted more than 297,000 tonnes of Copper! Enough to supply the whole of Ireland, then in full industrial expansion!

Since then, the mine has dried up, only to be finally abandoned. Nevertheless, the museum allows visitors to plunge back into the heart of the Irish mining world. It invites visitors to discover the old engine rooms and the equipment used to extract the ore. Anecdotes, written testimonies and old tools will also be on the programme of your exhibition, to help you better understand the precarious nature of miners’ work.

A breathtaking story, suitable for the whole family!

Don’t hesitate to go to the museum’s Coffee Shop if you’re feeling peckish: the food is very good.

Afterwards, you can visit the Allihies Copper Mine Trail, the building where Copper was mined. Although in ruins, you won’t be able to miss it with its fireplace, its stone foundations, and its location overlooking the village and Allihies Bay!

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Address Address: follow the R575 to Allihies
Lieu : (County Cork)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 51.639005,-10.045699

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5€ per adult | 4€ per senior | 3€ per student | 2€ per child

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every day from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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