La Albert Memorial Clock Tower - © Friemann

Albert Memorial Clock Tower

La Albert Memorial Clock Tower - © Friemann

The Albert Memorial Clock Tower is a tower with bell tower located in the heart of Belfast on Queen’s Square. Symbol of the Northern Irish city, the tower would have been erected in 1869 in homage to Prince Albert. Rather imposing, the tower has the particularity of leaning a little… A curiosity to be discovered!

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A bell tower that leans like the Tower of Pisa!

La Albert Memorial Clock Tower - William Murphy - cc

La Albert Memorial Clock Tower – William Murphy – cc

The bell tower was built in sandstone between 1865 and 1869 by the builders Fitzpatrick Brothers. It was designed by WJ Barre, the architect who also designed the famous Ulster Hall, a city auditorium.

The bell tower is 35 metres high and has a statue of Prince Albert, in an assumed Italian-French Gothic style reminiscent of the Big Ben Tower.

The bell weighs over 2 tons and was made by Francis Moore of High Street, a craftsman from Belfast. It was unfortunately damaged following the explosion of a bomb planted by the provisional Irish Republican Army on January 6, 1992.

The tower is tilting slightly due to foundation problems. Initially, the bell tower was built on wooden piles, driven on a rather marshy ground. That was all it took to make the construction oscillate!

Since then, the tower has been consolidated, but the inclination has remained. Since then, the locals like to say that it is a bit their turn in Pisa! In short, a construction to be admired if only to take a few amusing pictures!

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Address Address: 17 Queens Square, Belfast
Lieu : (County Antrim)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 54.600872,-5.924371

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