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Aghanaglack is a double megalithic tomb, located in a townland in the Boho area of County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. Dating between 4000 and 2000 BC, the tomb is located in an ancient peat bog that now serves as a clearing (known as Ballintempo Forest). A bucolic place, whose authentic charm should please you!

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A double grave, lost in an ancient Irish bog

The archaeological site of Aghanaglack would have been discovered in 1938 by Professor Davies. What he thought to be a cairn turned out to be a double tomb, composed of twin galleries (one of which would be 4 meters long), built on an east-west alignment. A priori, the 1938 excavations would date the building to the Bronze Age.

Many potteries, arrowheads, as well as the bones of 2 children (some of which would be exposed in the Enniskillen museum) would have been found there.

The place is beautiful, very quiet, and has the advantage of being still unknown to all tourists. A perfect place to recharge your batteries and discover the authentic charm of Irish stones!

Practical information

Address Address:
near Boho, in the Ballintempo Forest

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
54.325616, -7.856456

Duration of the visit Duration of the visit:
45 minutes
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  • free
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  • every day

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