Aasleagh Falls

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Leenane, (County Galway)

The Aasleagh Falls is a group of waterfalls located in the heart of Connemara, in the direction of the Delphi Pass. It’s a beautiful, bucolic and wild place that will delight hikers looking for a place to stop for a break and a picnic in the countryside.

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Waterfalls lost in the wilderness

It’s better to say it right away: the access to these waterfalls is not easy by car: we advise you rather to approach them on foot, and to equip yourself with good hiking shoes. To find them, just follow the R335 towards Delphi: you will then come across a succession of waterfalls that are worth the detour!

Their show is enchanting and ideal in good weather: a great place for a nap, a picnic, or a simple walk! Don’t hesitate to follow the watercourse: you will have the opportunity to admire the different waterfalls. Some are more impressive than others, and are sometimes the subject of professionally supervised activities such as costeering or canyoning.

Be careful though: the place can quickly become dangerous. Also, do not engage in these activities without the guidance of a sports guide who specializes in this type of sport.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars 3.19/5 (135 votes)

Address Address: northeast of Letterfrack
Lieu : (County Galway)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.619681,-9.670694

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follow the R335 to Delphi

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