14 Henrietta Street

Aperçu de la rue d'Henrietta Street - William Murphy - cc
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Dublin, (County Dublin)

14 Henrietta Street is one of the first Georgian houses in Dublin. Built in the 1720s, it has now become a museum entirely devoted to the changing history of the building and its street. Built in Dublin’s north city centre, it is a perfect example of the city’s aristocratic Georgian houses that later became buildings that were home to misery and poverty. A visit that is well worthwhile to discover the deep identity of Dublin!

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Discover 250 years of Dublin’s history concentrated in one place!

Aperçu de la rue d'Henrietta Street - William Murphy - cc

Aperçu de la rue d’Henrietta Street – William Murphy – cc

14 Henrietta Street offers you a real plunge into the heart of Dublin’s history. Organised in the form of a guided tour, you will discover the history of this building and its street, with its multiple and changing destiny, from its construction in 1720, to its conversion into apartments, a courthouse and then a museum.

To better understand, you will learn that 14 Henrietta Street is one of the first large town houses in the Irish capital. It was a large building, intended to accommodate a wealthy aristocratic family from Dublin. The program included large spaces, high ceilings, exceptional furniture, and of course, a 100% Georgian style, with its large coloured doors and typical mouldings.

The visit of the house will teach you that the building, at the beginning flamboyant, was later partitioned into 19 distinct apartments as early as 1877, welcoming up to a hundred Dubliners in more than precarious conditions. They were mostly modest inhabitants, often considered as “the poor workers of the city”. The prevailing poverty profoundly changed the identity of the neighbourhood and had a direct impact on the house and its street.

The guide will tell you about selected pieces of life of the inhabitants who occupied the place. Poverty, ambient poverty, precariousness, humidity… The visit is fascinating, alternating between difficult and lighter episodes. An original way to dive into the heart of the daily life of the Dubliners over a period of 250 years.

The house itself has been magnificently restored since then, with particular care to recover its original characteristics. You will discover rooms completely rebuilt as they were in 1720, and you can also open the doors of typical apartments that have housed hundreds of Dubliners living in poverty… All this with the relevant comments of passionate guides!

Visits are obligatory guided and last an hour and a half. A must do to discover Dublin’s true historical heritage.

14 Henrietta Street
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14 Henrietta Street, Dublin

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53.352520, -6.270227

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