The Last Duel: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck return to Ireland for filming

Ridley Scott's film is one of Hollywood's most eagerly awaited projects!

The Last Duel
The Last Duel

The shooting of the movie The Last Duel resumes! On this occasion, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have just returned to Ireland. In fourteen for the moment in Dalkey, they are about to restart their scenes under the direction of Ridley Scott. They will give the line to Jodie Comer and Adam Driver. Quite a program!

Matt Damon, a star at Dalkey!

The actor had passed the confinement within the Irish village

All Dalkey was delighted with the news: Matt Damon is back in the Irish village. As a reminder, it is not the first time that the actor stays here. The latter had gone there at the beginning of the year to start the shooting of The Last Duel. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 and the confinement had pushed him to stop the project. He was then forced to live the confinement on location, an experience he described as wonderful. The locals befriended him and regularly saw him in the surrounding area while he was jogging, shopping, or taking a dip in Dalkey’s ribs.

For now, Matt Damon is back to finish what he started. Currently in quarantine at the Powerscourt Hotel in Wicklow, he’s planning to shoot the planned scenes soon.

It must be said that the film “The Last Duel” is one of the big Hollywood projects of the moment. Very awaited, it will tell an episode of the History of France, during the XIVth century. The pitch: a man returns from the war against the English and learns that his wife would have been raped by his best friend in his absence. Believing he has been betrayed, the soldier will appeal to the King of France to demand a duel to the death, opposing him to his former friend.

As you will have understood, the 2 friends in question will be Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. This promises a confrontation at the top, where friendship and hatred coexist in a destructive passion. Moreover, for the anecdote, Ben Affleck seems unrecognizable on the shooting: dyed blond for the needs of the film, we hardly recognize him!

The film will tell a story supposed to take place in France. But the filming will indeed be partly done in Ireland. At issue: the incredible beauty of the Irish landscapes. It must be said that the country still has many wild and uninhabited areas. A unique spot to tell a medieval story!

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