The Irish, named the happiest people in Europe!

Ireland is a great place to live!

Temple Bar - © Rolf G Wackenberg
Temple Bar - © Rolf G Wackenberg

It’s official: the Irish would be the happiest population in Europe! A nomination, which rewards the warmth, the conviviality, and the extremely friendly character of the Irish!

It is a very serious study, published by the Eurobarometer survey, which revealed that more than 97% of Irish people consider themselves as happy in their life. A very high average, when we know that the European average is 83%.

But what makes the Irish so happy?

According to the study, it is above all a question of values… Fundamental values concerning their vision of life, work, health, happiness, life in society, family…

Thus, it would have been noted that the Irish are the least angry in Europe: they welcome the events of their lives with peace and distance. They are also 75% to testify on the deep conviction that the inhabitants of the island of Ireland are reliable, trustworthy people.

A figure that reinforces the idea of security in Ireland… and therefore of well-being.

Among other fundamental values, the Irish are convinced of the importance of work! They say they are very invested in this area, and fully convinced that it is necessary to give it their all, while keeping in mind to remain ethical and correct with others.

The Irish also seem concerned by the beauty of their country and seem very attached to their culture, to the preservation of natural and wild spaces…etc.

For them the party is also very important: it is necessary to meet around events and to enjoy!

In short, a very good overview of the “Irish spirit”!

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