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Ryanair threatens to leave Ireland if Irish government does not extend its green list

Date 01 August 2020
The weakened low-cost company is issuing an ultimatum...

Ryanair is urging the Irish government to extend its green list to other EU countries… otherwise the low-cost airline may well move elsewhere.

A thinly veiled ultimatum, which reveals a worrying situation. Ryanair would not be in great shape… and is currently looking for solutions to unblock the restrictions established in Ireland, for European travellers.

Ryanair is urging the Irish government to lift its quarantine

Without a deal, the Irish low-cost airline is threatening to leave Ireland

Times are tough for airlines… And Ryanair is struggling. With an airline fleet operating at the minimum of its usual capacity, the future of the blue and yellow coloured company seems threatened.

That’s why they keep putting pressure on the Irish government. According to the company, the Irish government is pursuing an excessively severe anti-Covid-19 policy. The extremely tight green list (which includes only 15 countries) would directly threaten thousands of jobs in the air transport and tourism sectors.

The United Kingdom, Spain, France, Portugal and the United States have all been excluded from the list, much to the frustration of potential holidaymakers and major tourism players. A choice that would imply colossal losses for the local industry.

That is why Ryanair decided to bang its fist on the table. The company has demanded that the Irish government increase the number of countries on its green list If it refuses, Ryanair intends to leave Ireland and favour countries that are more open to air traffic in this time of pandemic.

In its request, the airline therefore insisted that all 27 EU countries be reinstated on the list.

This green list has done more harm than good to the Irish tourism industry. If it remains as it is, it will continue to have a “serious negative impact” on the sector, leading to further job losses.

As a reminder, Ryanair recently cancelled 1000 flights between Ireland and the United Kingdom. This decision has not been without consequences for the airline’s economy, but also for tourism in Ireland.

If Ireland doesn’t act now with incentives to attract traffic this winter and for next year and beyond, then airlines will plan accordingly and migrate that traffic to the other 27 EU countries and the UK where there will be incentives to increase traffic, but more importantly – no travel restrictions.

As a reminder, Ryanair reported a loss of 185 million euros in 3 months. No wonder the company is trying by all means to revive itself…

Nevertheless, the choice of the Irish government remains Cornelian. The state is torn around the health issue: is it possible to revive the economy without sacrificing human lives? The debate remains open.


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  1. Jerry says:

    Ryan Air is 100%correct…it should run the Irish Government as anyone would do a better job than the eejits running the present pantomime. The Irish Government was not elected in and does not represent the Irish People. ..and plan to keep Covid running for as long as possible to stay in power and avoid new elections.

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