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Ryanair predicts a strong recovery in activity in the coming months

Date 05 August 2021
The air traffic of the low-cost company strongly resumes this summer!

For Ryanair it’s the recovery ! After long months of inactivity and financial difficulties due to Covid-19, the low-cost airline is currently experiencing a breath of optimism. While the company recorded a dry loss of 273 million euros in the first quarter of 2021, the current recovery seems to give hope and color to the yellow and blue company. For its CEO, Michael O’Leary, the current recovery in travel would be a first encouraging sign for the airline industry…

Michael O’Leary predicts a strong recovery in the coming months

The trend would be to travel, and to escape thanks to the lifting of health restrictions

We had to hold on. After more than a year and a half of difficulties and colossal financial losses, Ryanair finally seems to see the first signs of a recovery of its activity.

And of course, this makes people’s spirits a little grey. Starting with Michael O’Leary, CEO of the Irish company. The latter is currently observing a relaxation of travel restrictions within the EU…. which would tend to boost its air traffic.

This is good news for Ryanair, which almost seemed to have been brought to its knees in the last few months, victim of a pandemic that it had not seen coming. Due to restrictions, the company had to close its base in Shannon and cancel many flights (especially in Ireland)… while laying off some of its staff.

Difficult choices, but which now seem to be over.

For Michael O’Leary, the time has come for optimism and confidence. For him, the current vaccination campaign, the deployment of digital certificates (health pass) as well as the abolition of mandatory quarantines for those vaccinated represent a first step towards a return to normalcy.

And for this, the figures speak for themselves: Ryanair has recorded a significant increase in its air traffic: 5 million passengers in June, against 9 million in July. For August, the projections would even reach 10 million passengers!

These figures confirm the fact that people still need to travel. It must be said that the pandemic and the repeated confinements have forced people to stay at home. Obligations that are a source of frustration. So it seems normal that for many, the trend is to travel and escape!


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