Opening of irish pubs in Ireland: establishments have found the loophole to open earlier

Many pubs could open their doors on June 29, 2020

Temple Bar - Claudia Schillinger - cc
Temple Bar - Claudia Schillinger - cc

Will Irish pubs in Ireland really have to wait until 10 August to open their doors? It seems that many of them have found “the trick” to open earlier than expected!

Nearly 44% of Dublin’s Irish pubs could reopen by the end of June.

Only pubs with a catering accreditation could open prematurely.

Indeed, it would appear that many Irish pubs are planning to reopen as a “restaurant”, not as a drinking place. By playing this card, many establishments could reopen as early as June 29th… while still complying with Irish law!

But how is this possible?

To better understand, it is important to know that the Irish government has put in place a 5-step deconfinement plan. This plan provided to reopen restaurants on June 29th as a priority… and to restart the activity of Irish pubs last: August 10th.

A decision that had scandalized many irish pub managers, who were worried that they would not be able to cope economically with this prolonged lack of activity.

Faced with such a situation, many Irish people have studied the law: only Irish pubs with a restaurant owner’s licence have the possibility of restarting earlier than planned…

Thus, after investigation, it would appear that 44% of Dublin’s Irish pubs intend to play the “restaurant” card in order to restart more quickly. A thumb of nose that does not seem to be contested for the moment by the Irish government.

So it will surely be possible to go and drink a cold pint in Ireland from the end of June… under the express condition of ordering food on the spot! The opportunity to get back in touch with the best of traditional Irish cuisine, and enjoy a good irish stew, Irish smoked salmon, or even a homemade burger! What more could you ask for?

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