Northern Ireland opens its museum dedicated to the Game of Thrones series!

Linen Mill Studios will soon open its doors to the public!

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Fans of the TV series Games of Thrones will be happy. The Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, will soon open its doors and unveil its brand new museum dedicated to the series. This is a unique opportunity for fans to visit the filming locations and get a behind-the-scenes look at a show that left its mark on an era!

A museum designed to relive the Game of Thrones experience

Explore behind the scenes of a hugely successful series!

If you’ve been looking for a new reason to go to Northern Ireland, here’s one you’ll find! The Linen Mill film studios are finally going to unveil their biggest secrets! It is precisely in Banbridge that this new attraction will take place: visitors will have the pleasure to enter the major studios of the series, to better discover the shooting locations, the sets, the costumes, the weapons, and all the subtleties that made the success of the Iron Throne.

A Game of Thrones attraction

A Game of Thrones attraction

Because, as a reminder, it is here, in Linen Mills’ studios that the series was held in its quarters. Although the show was filmed in many countries (including Spain and Croatia), the series has always kept its feet on the ground in Northern Ireland.

It must be said that the Northern Irish province has always been considered an essential place of pilgrimage for the fans. The region has indeed been the epicenter of many great Game of Thrones scenes.

In fact, it was here that scenes related to Westeros, Winterfell, or Port Reale were shot. For this, the studio called upon the sumptuous Irish landscapes, but also upon its studio sets created from scratch.

The future attraction promises a total immersion in the series. Thus, you will be able to discover :

  • the ice wall,
  • the throne room,
  • the courtyard of the capital,
  • the refectory of the Night’s Watch,
  • …etc.

Not to mention the pleasure you will have to admire on location the filming costumes, armors, weapons and jewelry worn by the actors and extras.

These are essential elements to plunge back into the heart of a series that is a dazzling success. A souvenir store will also be available to bring back as many goodies and merchandise as possible.

Let it be said: the studios are expecting 600,000 visitors for this first year, even during Covid-19. So don’t hesitate and take your ticket: this new tourist attraction promises to be great!

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