Fionntan Hughes presents his sword

Northern Ireland: a 10 year old child discovers a 300 year old sword!

Date 27 August 2020
The young boy was playing with a metal detector... and discovered an unsuspected treasure!

Fionntan Hughes is a 10-year-old child who makes a strange discovery. He found a rusty sword half-buried while playing with a metal detector that his family had given him as a gift. Researchers are certain that the sword dates back to 1700. A formidable discovery for this young Northern Irish boy who had not planned to find such a treasure!

A sword unearthed on the banks of the Blackwater River

The object would be of English origin

Young Hughes did not expect to make such a discovery. Testing his metal detector for the first time on the banks of the Blackwater River, he immediately notified his father and cousin, believing he had found an unusual object in the mud.

Noticing that the detector beeped as he flew over an area of mud, the little boy dug out an impressive sword with his hands. A rusty sword with a broken blade and a large handle.

Immediately, the boy’s father contacted Dr. Greer Ramsey, Archaeological Curator of the National Museum of Northern Ireland . They are currently working on the sword and trying to determine its origins. But their studies are likely to take time: the sword is strongly covered by rust, which hinders its identification in detail.

According to specialists, it dates back to 1700 and is the typical weapon of English officers.

A beautiful find, discovered in all legality. (For information, any Northern Irish making an archaeological discovery through a metal detector must contact the competent services in Northern Ireland).

The sword, after study, will undoubtedly be exhibited in the National Museum of Northern Ireland. Enough to make the young Fionntan Hughes proud, who will have made a discovery worthy of Indiana Jones! We bet he will intensify his research with his metal detector!


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