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30 September 2021
How would you like to buy an Irish island? High Island, a local private island, located off the coast of Connemara has just been put up for sale. Completely wild and uninhabited, it has the particularity of having a ruined … [...]

18 August 2021
Who hasn’t fallen for the charm of a foreigner with a bewitching accent? The website Onepoll.com decided to investigate which is the sexiest accent on the planet. On a panel of 5000 respondents, the answer seems to be unanimous: the … [...]

17 August 2021
Ireland is an amazing country full of surprises… In spite of its small size, the country shines in the whole world by its culture and its wild beauty! Whether it is for its music, the friendliness of the Irish, or … [...]

21 June 2021
It’s official: the Irish would be the happiest population in Europe! A nomination, which rewards the warmth, the conviviality, and the extremely friendly character of the Irish! It is a very serious study, published by the Eurobarometer survey, which revealed … [...]

7 June 2021
Irish people have been waiting for it with impatience: the reopening of the Irish pubs is effective from today! From now on, it will be possible for any adult to go to the pub to have a pint. A great … [...]

1 September 2020
It’s a terrifying figure: nearly two-thirds of Irish pubs may not make it through the disastrous impact of Covid-19. Strangled by the inactivity and restrictions imposed by the government, nearly 60% of them could be forced to close their doors … [...]

27 May 2020
We had already talked about this. Matt Damon had to live the confinement in Ireland, while he was shooting a film there under the direction of Ridley Scott (The Duel). Faced with the coronavirus lockout, the actor had to suspend … [...]