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Lifestyle : l'actu à ne pas rater

7 June 2021
Irish people have been waiting for it with impatience: the reopening of the Irish pubs is effective from today! From now on, it will be possible for any adult to go to the pub to have a pint. A great … [...]

1 September 2020
It’s a terrifying figure: nearly two-thirds of Irish pubs may not make it through the disastrous impact of Covid-19. Strangled by the inactivity and restrictions imposed by the government, nearly 60% of them could be forced to close their doors … [...]

27 May 2020
We had already talked about this. Matt Damon had to live the confinement in Ireland, while he was shooting a film there under the direction of Ridley Scott (The Duel). Faced with the coronavirus lockout, the actor had to suspend … [...]