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29 June 2021
Could a strange creature be living in the waters of the Liffey in Dublin? This strange theory came from a video posted on TikTok by Seán Hawkins. Intrigued, he would have seen a “creature” with unusual shapes, moving in the … [...]

30 September 2020
Tonight and the next few days, the Irish sky could well become magical! According to astronomy experts, the Northern Lights could well be seen tonight all over Ireland! An exceptional and particularly rare phenomenon, which could dazzle the sky with … [...]

18 September 2020
A private island in Ireland called Mannion Island has just been put up for sale for the sum of 250 000€. Located off the coast of West Cork (County Cork), on the south coast of Ireland, this wild jewel should … [...]

31 August 2020
A very rare waterspout was immortalized by a witness in Ireland. The phenomenon, breathtaking to say the least, took place near the estuary of the River Shannon in County Kerry. An Irish woman, Gloria Jean Keller, who was waiting for … [...]

27 August 2020
Fionntan Hughes is a 10-year-old child who makes a strange discovery. He found a rusty sword half-buried while playing with a metal detector that his family had given him as a gift. Researchers are certain that the sword dates back … [...]

26 August 2020
An irish pub in Castlebar, County Mayo, which has been forced to close its doors since the beginning of the pandemic, had the clever idea of reinventing itself in order to restart its business. The idea: to transform its irish … [...]

19 August 2020
Have you ever seen a beach glow in the dark? That’s what happened at Fountainstown beach, a beach in County Cork, Ireland, on Sunday night from Sunday to Monday. This beach was overgrown with bioluminescent plankton… which made the beach … [...]

17 July 2020
That’s today’s little story. An anonymous wealthy buyer has just purchased a private island in Ireland… for the modest sum of 5.5 million euros! A fantastic property that he bought without having visited or seen it beforehand, and that he … [...]