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Daily life in Ireland

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Daily life in Ireland

Follow all the news in Ireland. Follow the daily life, the weather, the way of life of the Irish, with their traditions, habits and innovations!

Daily life in Ireland : l'actu à ne pas rater

Wild Irish island for sale for 1.25 million euros

30 September 2021
How would you like to buy an Irish island? High Island, a local private island, located off the coast of Connemara has just been put up for sale. Completely wild and uninhabited, it has the particularity of having a ruined … [...]

The Irish accent, elected the sexiest in the world !

18 August 2021
Who hasn’t fallen for the charm of a foreigner with a bewitching accent? The website Onepoll.com decided to investigate which is the sexiest accent on the planet. On a panel of 5000 respondents, the answer seems to be unanimous: the … [...]

4 unusual things to know about Ireland

17 August 2021
Ireland is an amazing country full of surprises… In spite of its small size, the country shines in the whole world by its culture and its wild beauty! Whether it is for its music, the friendliness of the Irish, or … [...]

Wally, an arctic walrus caught squatting on Irish boats

12 August 2021
It is a rather unexpected encounter that is currently making the buzz in Ireland. A young walrus (named Wally) has been spotted on the Irish coasts… and would have taken the habit to settle on empty pleasure boats! The opportunity … [...]

A blue whale spotted for the first time in 6 years off the coast of Ireland

4 August 2021
The event is rare enough to be mentioned: an impressive blue whale was spotted last week, off the Irish coast (Co. Galway). A phenomenon that had NOT occurred for 6 years! Observed on July 23 by the Irish Whale and … [...]

Buzz: a TikTok video suggests that a monster lives in the waters of Dublin

29 June 2021
Could a strange creature be living in the waters of the Liffey in Dublin? This strange theory came from a video posted on TikTok by Seán Hawkins. Intrigued, he would have seen a “creature” with unusual shapes, moving in the … [...]

The Irish, named the happiest people in Europe!

21 June 2021
It’s official: the Irish would be the happiest population in Europe! A nomination, which rewards the warmth, the conviviality, and the extremely friendly character of the Irish! It is a very serious study, published by the Eurobarometer survey, which revealed … [...]

Ireland: Irish pubs reopen for the first time since March 2020!

7 June 2021
Irish people have been waiting for it with impatience: the reopening of the Irish pubs is effective from today! From now on, it will be possible for any adult to go to the pub to have a pint. A great … [...]

Aurora Borealis expected this week in Ireland!

30 September 2020
Tonight and the next few days, the Irish sky could well become magical! According to astronomy experts, the Northern Lights could well be seen tonight all over Ireland! An exceptional and particularly rare phenomenon, which could dazzle the sky with … [...]

Ireland: a private island for sale for €250,000

18 September 2020
A private island in Ireland called Mannion Island has just been put up for sale for the sum of 250 000€. Located off the coast of West Cork (County Cork), on the south coast of Ireland, this wild jewel should … [...]

Ireland: two-thirds of irish pubs may not survive to Covid-19

1 September 2020
It’s a terrifying figure: nearly two-thirds of Irish pubs may not make it through the disastrous impact of Covid-19. Strangled by the inactivity and restrictions imposed by the government, nearly 60% of them could be forced to close their doors … [...]

Ireland: witness captures stunning images of a water tornado

31 August 2020
A very rare waterspout was immortalized by a witness in Ireland. The phenomenon, breathtaking to say the least, took place near the estuary of the River Shannon in County Kerry. An Irish woman, Gloria Jean Keller, who was waiting for … [...]