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Follow all the news about COVID-19 (or coronavirus) in Ireland. Find out what events have been cancelled, what measures the government has taken to contain the outbreak.

Coronavirus in Ireland

Discover the measures in place and to come!

The coronavirus is currently expanding and has reached European countries, including Ireland. At this stage, many public gatherings have been cancelled, such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parades, parades, and some tourist sites have closed their doors until the health situation has calmed down.

Here is the main information not to be missed if you are going to Ireland in the middle of a coronavirus outbreak. Of course, we recommend that you limit your travels as much as possible for the coming weeks, and avoid risky behaviour.

Coronavirus : the lastest news:

Covid-19: Ireland updates its green list and rethinks its rating system

Coronavirus 18 September 2020
Ireland has just updated its “Green List”. As a reminder, this list lists the countries authorized to travel to Ireland, without mandatory quarantine. From now on, this list authorizes...[...]

Covid-19: Dublin and Limerick soon locked?

Coronavirus Dublin 10 September 2020
The significant increase in coronavirus cases could lead to Limerick and Dublin, Ireland, being contained. Localized lockdowns that could perhaps spread to the counties themselves. Nevertheless, the decision will...[...]

Ireland: Irish pubs expected to reopen by the end of September

Coronavirus 8 September 2020
The Irish government has just announced that the Irish pubs, which have been closed since March, should all be able to reopen by the end of September. This is...[...]

Ireland: two-thirds of irish pubs may not survive to Covid-19

Coronavirus Lifestyle 1 September 2020
It’s a terrifying figure: nearly two-thirds of Irish pubs may not make it through the disastrous impact of Covid-19. Strangled by the inactivity and restrictions imposed by the government,...[...]

Covid-19 in Ireland: an irish pub reinvents itself as a café and reopens its doors

Coronavirus Insolite 26 August 2020
An irish pub in Castlebar, County Mayo, which has been forced to close its doors since the beginning of the pandemic, had the clever idea of reinventing itself in...[...]

Covid-19: Bad Buzz for Jim Corr who exposes on social networks his anti-mask theories

Coronavirus Music 24 August 2020
It was known to be anti-vaccine and subject to conspiracy theories. But until then Jim Corr had been very discreet about his vision of COVID-19. At least until today....[...]

Covid-19: Ireland steps up measures in response to an outbreak of new coronavirus cases

Coronavirus 19 August 2020
The respite will have been short lived. While Ireland had previously been one of the best performers in Europe in terms of its handling of the health crisis, the...[...]

Covid-19: Ireland partially reconfines and postpones the reopening of its irish pubs

Coronavirus 9 August 2020
Ireland recorded an outbreak of coronavirus cases, leading it to reconfine 3 of its counties. As a result, all Irish people living within the counties of Kildare, Laois and...[...]

Ireland: the island of Skellig Michael will remain closed to visitors until 2021

Coronavirus Tourist sites 1 August 2020
Visitors will not be able to visit the island of Skellig Michael until 2021. This is unfortunate news, once again resulting from the coronavirus health crisis. The Irish Office...[...]

Ryanair threatens to leave Ireland if Irish government does not extend its green list

Coronavirus Ryanair 1 August 2020
Ryanair is urging the Irish government to extend its green list to other EU countries… otherwise the low-cost airline may well move elsewhere. A thinly veiled ultimatum, which reveals...[...]

Covid-19: Ireland’s green list finally unveiled!

Coronavirus 22 July 2020
It’s about time! The Irish government has finally communicated the countries on their “Green list”. As a reminder, it was a question of determining which countries could travel to...[...]

Covid-19 in Ireland: green list not published today

Coronavirus 20 July 2020
The Irish Government was due to publish today a green list of European countries that could link Ireland without quarantine. Unfortunately, however, this list will not be published today....[...]

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