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Follow all the news about COVID-19 (or coronavirus) in Ireland. Find out what events have been cancelled, what measures the government has taken to contain the outbreak.

Coronavirus in Ireland

Discover the measures in place and to come!

The coronavirus is currently expanding and has reached European countries, including Ireland. At this stage, many public gatherings have been cancelled, such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parades, parades, and some tourist sites have closed their doors until the health situation has calmed down.

Here is the main information not to be missed if you are going to Ireland in the middle of a coronavirus outbreak. Of course, we recommend that you limit your travels as much as possible for the coming weeks, and avoid risky behaviour.

Coronavirus : l'actu à ne pas rater

Ireland: country named most resilient to Covid-19

30 September 2021
Every month, the news agency publishes a ranking of the most resilient countries in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. And this month, Ireland is in the lead, ranking number 1 in the world of the most resilient countries against … [...]

Covid-19 : Ireland organizes its return to normal life

6 September 2021
Soon a return to normal life in Ireland? While the country is now mostly vaccinated, the government is currently lifting many measures, with the aim of returning to the pre-pandemic period. Taoiseach Micheál Martin announced last week that the vast … [...]

Ireland: over 70% of the population is fully vaccinated

5 August 2021
A new milestone was reached this week for Ireland: the country has already fully vaccinated over 72.5% of its population (two doses). A figure that now exceeds that of the United Kingdom (which was previously the best pupil in Europe). … [...]

Ryanair predicts a strong recovery in activity in the coming months

5 August 2021
For Ryanair it’s the recovery ! After long months of inactivity and financial difficulties due to Covid-19, the low-cost airline is currently experiencing a breath of optimism. While the company recorded a dry loss of 273 million euros in the … [...]

Ireland: Irish pubs and restaurants allowed to serve indoors!

26 July 2021
This time it’s done: Irish pubs and restaurants all over Ireland are now allowed to serve their food and drink indoors… as well as outdoors! This new measure, authorized by the government of Ireland, marks a new turning point in … [...]

Covid-19: travel restrictions finally lifted in Ireland!

19 July 2021
This is it: we’re there! Ireland reopens to international travel from today! With a health pass, the country will be able to welcome travelers from Europe but also from the rest of the world… and this, without quarantine obligation! On … [...]

Covid-19: Ireland postpones reopening of indoor reception in Irish pubs and restaurants

29 June 2021
Setback for Ireland. The progress of the Delta variant has just forced the Irish government to review its copy on the lifting of restrictions. As a consequence, restaurants and pubs in the country will not be able to allow indoor … [...]

Ireland: Irish pubs reopen for the first time since March 2020!

7 June 2021
Irish people have been waiting for it with impatience: the reopening of the Irish pubs is effective from today! From now on, it will be possible for any adult to go to the pub to have a pint. A great … [...]

Guinness brews 5 million extra pints as Irish pubs reopen in Ireland

4 June 2021
Ireland is preparing for a return to normalcy with the reopening of its Irish pubs on June 7. And for this occasion, the Guinness brewery has decided to work twice as hard, in order to supply the establishments with its … [...]