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Follow all the news about COVID-19 (or coronavirus) in Ireland. Find out what events have been cancelled, what measures the government has taken to contain the outbreak.

Coronavirus in Ireland

Discover the measures in place and to come!

The coronavirus is currently expanding and has reached European countries, including Ireland. At this stage, many public gatherings have been cancelled, such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parades, parades, and some tourist sites have closed their doors until the health situation has calmed down.

Here is the main information not to be missed if you are going to Ireland in the middle of a coronavirus outbreak. Of course, we recommend that you limit your travels as much as possible for the coming weeks, and avoid risky behaviour.

Coronavirus : l'actu à ne pas rater

5 March 2021
Irish Minister Leo Varadkar said that the government would currently be studying the proposal for a vaccine certificate. This would be a kind of standardized certificate, which could be distributed to Irish people who have received their Covid-19 vaccines. This … [...]

17 February 2021
After endless weeks of strict containment related to Covid-19, it would appear that Ireland is now on the right track. The figures are encouraging: there has been a marked decrease in deaths and hospital admissions due to coronavirus. A trend … [...]

27 January 2021
Ireland, currently in full lockout, has just made official its wish to extend the lock-out until March 5, 2021. A decision that extends the lockout by 6 weeks, and which tends to maintain the level 5 restrictions already in place. … [...]

11 January 2021
It is a very dark month of January that Ireland is about to experience. While the country had previously boasted of having brought the coronavirus outbreak under control, the numbers are now soaring, with more than 45,000 new cases of … [...]

7 January 2021
Currently confined, Ireland is still working hard to control the epidemic wave of coronavirus. And faced with a “tsunami” of new contaminations (due to the end of year festivities), the government has decided to return to even stricter rules. Based … [...]

21 December 2020
The emergence of a new strain of Covid-19 in the South of England has just pushed Ireland to suspend all transport to Great Britain. In fact, all flights and ferries operating between Ireland and England are banned… for a minimum … [...]

20 October 2020
Ireland is the first country in Europe to choose reconfinement in the face of the second wave of Covid-19. A containment which will come into force on Wednesday at midnight, and which will extend over 6 weeks. A new economic … [...]

15 October 2020
Bad weather for Ryanair: faced with a significant drop in business, the low-cost airline has just decided to withdraw from Cork and Shannon airports for the winter. As a reminder, the company had repeatedly threatened the government to leave the … [...]

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