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Follow all the news about COVID-19 (or coronavirus) in Ireland. Find out what events have been cancelled, what measures the government has taken to contain the outbreak.

Coronavirus in Ireland

Discover the measures in place and to come!

The coronavirus is currently expanding and has reached European countries, including Ireland. At this stage, many public gatherings have been cancelled, such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parades, parades, and some tourist sites have closed their doors until the health situation has calmed down.

Here is the main information not to be missed if you are going to Ireland in the middle of a coronavirus outbreak. Of course, we recommend that you limit your travels as much as possible for the coming weeks, and avoid risky behaviour.

Coronavirus : the lastest news:

Covid-19: Ireland postpones lifting its quarantine

Coronavirus 6 July 2020
Tourism in Ireland is on the up and up. After the government announced that it would lift its quarantine imposed on 9 July, L’État has decided to play extra...[...]

Covid-19: quarantine removal divides Ireland

Coronavirus 2 July 2020
Will the quarantine in Ireland be lifted on 9 July, as Leo Varadkar, then Prime Minister of Ireland, said? A question which is becoming increasingly controversial and which is...[...]

Ireland: Ban on non-essential air travel to be lifted on 1 July

Coronavirus 25 June 2020
This is great news for tourism in Ireland! An Irish government working group has called for restrictions on non-essential air travel to be lifted by 1 July. A decision...[...]

Guinness launches €14 million plan to support irish pubs in Ireland

Coronavirus Guinness 24 June 2020
While Irish pubs are going through a difficult period caused by VIDOC-19 and prolonged containment, the Guinness Group has decided to support the establishments in difficulty by proposing a...[...]

COVID-19: Ireland extends quarantine rules to 9 July

Coronavirus 20 June 2020
This is a further blow to European travellers wishing to visit Ireland: the Irish government has decided to extend the quarantine rule for anyone arriving from a foreign country....[...]

Dalkey: a 275-year-old irish pub closes its doors

The small seaside town of Dalkey (Co. Dublin) is currently mourning the end of one of its oldest institutions: the irish pub “The Queen’s”, has just announced its definitive...[...]

Coronavirus: it may be possible to travel to Ireland from July 20th!

Coronavirus 7 June 2020
Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has announced that Irish pubs in Ireland, originally scheduled to reopen on 10 August, will finally be able to reopen on 20 July. This...[...]

Travelling to Ireland: airlines press government to reopen borders at the end of June

While Spain and other European countries are doing everything to save the tourist season, the issue of travelling to Ireland in July and August remains a central concern for...[...]

Ireland: discover the house where Matt Damon was locked out!

Coronavirus Lifestyle 27 May 2020
We had already talked about this. Matt Damon had to live the confinement in Ireland, while he was shooting a film there under the direction of Ridley Scott (The...[...]

Coronavirus: first day without death in Ireland!

Coronavirus 25 May 2020
Great news for the Irish country: the country’s health chiefs have confirmed that there have been no deaths in Ireland in the last 24 hours. This is the first...[...]

Opening of irish pubs in Ireland: establishments have found the loophole to open earlier

Coronavirus 24 May 2020
Will Irish pubs in Ireland really have to wait until 10 August to open their doors? It seems that many of them have found “the trick” to open earlier...[...]

Coronavirus: Ryanair plans to operate 40% of its flights from July onwards

Coronavirus Ryanair 12 May 2020
It’s a rather daring gamble, but the low-cost flights giant intends to succeed: as early as July, Ryanair hopes to resume its activity and thus restart its flights for...[...]