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Wicklow (Cill Mhantáin in Gaelic) is an Irish town with a population of 10,000 on the east coast of Ireland. Located 50km from Dublin, the town boasts of having been an important Viking stronghold as early as 795, before falling into Anglo-Norman hands. A tourist town par excellence, Wicklow can be discovered in a welcoming and authentic setting.

Discover Wicklow

A city on a human scale, authentic and protected

Wicklow is a perfect place to settle down, rent accommodation and explore the surrounding area. Situated not far from the Wicklow Mountains National Park, the town also has its own attractions within the town walls, such as its famous Black Castle built by Maurice FitzGerald, Sire of Lanstephan. The castle is situated on the coast, south of the harbour. Also of note is the proximity of Mount Wicklow, a major Christian pilgrimage site.

Finally, don’t miss the visit of the town’s former historic prison, the “Wicklow Gaol”, now converted into a museum. There you will discover the precarious living conditions of the prison at the time.

In the restaurants and irish pubs, you will also have a wide range of local specialities to choose from. To be tested!