Wicklow Mountains National Park

Wicklow Mountains National Park

Discover Wicklow Mountains National Park

Hikers and archaeology enthusiasts should be aware that Wicklow National Park is a little marvel in this respect! With its mountains, lakes, rivers and lush green valleys, the park offers you a huge wilderness area where you can walk in the sandstone of your desires!

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An ideal place for walkers…

Although the massif does not reach high peaks (there are no more than 1000 meters of altitude for the highest points such as Lugnaquilla, or in the Mourne Mountains), the area is ideal for those who like to walk through impressive wild landscapes. Officially considered a protected nature park, you can then walk along marked trails and discover fabulous panoramas over the valley. We particularly recommend the views of Lower Lake, Upper Lake and Lough Tay, the 3 main lakes in the park, which surround the mountain range. Don’t hesitate to stop here for a picnic: the area is fabulous and perfect for a nap or for fishing!

Several hiking circuits are proposed by the Park, and vary according to the degree of difficulty desired.

Whether you are a novice or a good walker, the circuits are adapted to your level! However, we recommend the Wicklow Way, one of the longest circuits in the park, but also one of the most beautiful. It will allow you to discover the region through fabulous panoramas on a clear day. Needless to say that your camera is welcome: the landscapes are so beautiful that you will quickly saturate your map! Also think of taking a sweater in your bag: the weather is humid in the region…

One of the most beautiful views is the Upper Lake, a gigantic lake nestling in the hollow of the Wicklow Mountains. In addition, the memorial dedicated to J.B. Mallone offers an exceptional view of the valley and its forests, as well as the lake…

If walking is not too much your cup of tea, we recommend the site of Glendalough, a monastic site founded in the 6th century by the priest Saint Kevin. The place is overgrown with buildings dating from the 11th to the 14th century. Among them, you can find a small 12th century church, as well as a round tower still standing, and a cemetery decorated with Celtic crosses .

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