A very touristy corner! Tramore (Trá Mhór in Irish Gaelic) is a small fishing village, living at the foot of a splendid bay, punctuated by the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Ireland. It is particularly appreciated for its paradisiacal sandy beaches, as well as for the warmth of its streets, its shops with colourful shop fronts, and for its music emerging from the Irish Pubs. Don’t miss Tramore: this small village of 8,400 inhabitants is really worth a visit!

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Downtown Tramore

On the village side, Tramore offers a real maze of colourful streets, lined with shops, pubs and restaurants ready to let you discover the authenticity of Irish gastronomy. You will be able to taste their beers, and even try your luck with the famous “Oyster and Guinness” meal, which will allow you to taste the best of the region’s oysters, very famous in County Waterford.

Tramore Beaches…

In Tramore, the activities are particularly oriented towards the ocean: whether you like to stroll along the large beaches of the village, or try your luck in the cold waters with a little swim, there is no lack of leisure activities! Starting with surfing, which is very much appreciated here by European surfers. For the amateurs of pleasure boating, it is also possible to rent a small boat (provided you have your licence), and you can then discover the coast by the sea: you will then admire really exceptional landscapes!

As for the strolls to be made around Tramore, do not hesitate to traverse the 5 km of beach of the bay. A real pleasure in good weather! Children who love kites will also be delighted!

If you are more in the mood for a drive, you can take the Annestown Road, a narrow road that runs along the coast and offers a great view of Tramore Bay. You will be able to contemplate the small village and its houses clustered on the white sandy strips of Tramore beaches. An ideal place to take wonderful pictures!

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