Titanic Quarter

Titanic Quarter

In Belfast, there is a historic district in full revival, located on the docks. This is the Titanic Quarter. It was here that one of the most ambitious liners of the time was built: the Titanic. So you might as well know how important this place is to the people of Belfast!

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A district essentially composed of attractions dedicated to the liner and its shipwreck.

The Titanic Quarter is somewhat regarded as the birthplace of the infamous Titanic liner, known to have been wrecked on its maiden voyage to the United States after colliding with an iceberg.

As a duty of remembrance, Belfast undertook to rehabilitate the area and dedicate it to the history of the Titanic. This allows visitors to push open the door to the famous “Titanic Experience”, a colossal museum totally dedicated to the history of the ship. Construction, launching, reconstitution of certain life-size pieces… All this museum is the size of the Titanic!

Then don’t hesitate to visit Titanic’s Dock and pump-house: the dry dock where the liner was built. There you can learn all about the techniques and innovations of the time: a real plunge into history!

The Titanic Quarter also has other notable attractions, such as its launching docks (Titanic Slipways), or the visit of the SS Nomadic, another liner of the White Star Line (often described as “Titanic’s Little Brother”), located a stone’s throw from the Titanic Belfast Experience.

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