The Liberties

The Liberties

“The Liberties” is an area that is part of the historic heart of Dublin. It is a strange mixture of history and modernity where churches, cathedrals, breweries and distilleries mingle with the incessant activity of its streets, markets and world-famous tourist sites.

Visit the Liberties area in Dublin

A neighbourhood full of life!

The Liberties is the place to be in Dublin. This is where the most important tourist attractions of the Irish capital are concentrated, and where more than 800 years of history are geographically concentrated.

Between Viking heritage, exceptional medieval cathedrals, ancient walls? You’ll know all about Dublin’s heritage!

Not to mention the many breweries and distilleries in the area! Starting with Guinness (and its famous Guinness Storehouse, a museum the size of the Diageo group’s empire), the Dublin Liberties Distillery, where one of the best Dublin whiskey is distilled, or the equally famous Teeling distillery!

Discover without further delay the stories and literary gems of the city’s ancient libraries. And push the doors of the local museums in the neighbourhood: art lovers won’t see the time go by!

Finally, you should know that the streets of the Liberties district are worth a walk. You will live an experience to the rhythm of the lively life of Dublin! A colourful, friendly and full of possibilities experience!

If you want to take a break, the area is teeming with great places to have a pint and a bite to eat. Possibility also to go to the surroundings of the parks, to recharge your batteries in the middle of nature!

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A 4-metre high door, symbol of the success of Guinness Irish Brown Beer! Selfie is almost compulsory.

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Travel back in time and discover the great episodes of Irish History!

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Named after the patron saint of the Irish, it is the largest cathedral in Dublin!

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars 3.71/5 (352 votes)
One of the most beautiful cathedrals in Dublin along with St. Patrick's Cathedral!

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A distillery which produces its whiskey since 1782! Discover the secrets of their beverage by learning the art of triple distillation! A 100% Irish concept!

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An ancient library, which is the pride of the locals,