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What to expect?

Temple Bar is one of the most famous places in Dublin. Highly frequented in the evenings and on weekends, this ultra-touristic and trendy district lives mostly at night, and offers its visitors a beautiful insight into Dublin’s cultural life… The place is clearly nice, although a little expensive and a little too touristic… Anyway, Temple Bar is a must !

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Dublin’s trendiest cultural district.

Temple Bar pendant la Saint PatrickIn the heart of Dublin stands Temple Bar, a famous and colourful area known for its many pubs and restaurants. Once considered a notoriously bad place, Temple Bar was renovated in the 1980s to make it a multi-cultural place with a festive and friendly atmosphere.

Temple Bar is located close to Dame Street and Aston Quay in Dublin city centre. Bordered by pubs, restaurants and shops, the area also includes a cinema, art gallery, cultural centres and local craft workshops.

Everything to make it a fashionable place where culture is king! We advise you to visit the area in the evenings or on weekends: at these times, the Temple Bar and the pubs and restaurants are all packed! And who says crowded at Temple Bar, says warm atmosphere!

Irish Pubs, Restaurants and Cultural Centres

During your visit, you will be able to admire the many shops and pubs in the area (all have been recently renovated). Each shop front and sign attracts the eye, and the music that emerges there may convince you to come in for a drink…

But don’t forget that the prices are the most expensive in Dublin! (Count 6/7€ per pint compared to 4.50€ in normal times). Brazen Head at 20 Bridge Street is one of the oldest irish pubs in Dublin (it dates back to 1613). Don’t hesitate to visit it: the setting is picturesque and pleasant, and is a real institution in Temple Bar.
The best time to explore the pubs in the area is around Happy Hour. The rates are more interesting and the atmosphere is really nice. You will meet a lot of students who have just graduated from Trinity College, one of the most prestigious universities in Dublin. Most of the local pubs program traditional Irish music concerts. What a great way to spend a colourful evening!

If you want to get deeper into the area, don’t miss the Meeting House Square, which is home to up to 3 different cultural centres (the Irish Film Centre, the Gallery of Photography and the Ark). There are many auteur films screened in their original version with subtitles, as well as art exhibitions…

Finally, for Thin Lizzy fans, don’t miss the statue of Phil Lynott, former bassist of the band. This bronze statue is one of the symbols of Temple Bar !