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What to expect?

St Stephen’s Green is an area in the south-east of Dublin. This is where most of the city’s green areas are located: enough to allow Dubliners to come and recharge their batteries in a green setting, go jogging, organize a picnic, or simply take a walk. It is also the district of the Irish National Museum, the Art Gallery of Ireland, or the Museum of Irish Literature.

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The district of museums and nature parks

St Stephen’s Green is one of Dublin’s most pleasant neighbourhoods to explore. There are Georgian red brick houses and colourful gates, exciting national museums, and green parks, where it’s great to relax on the lawn.

This area is historically the home of intellectuals, writers and artists. Oscar Wilde in particular, and the great talents of the time.

That’s why every historic irish pub in the neighborhood has its own special flavor. That of passionate exchanges and readings of Joyce and Wilde.

In short: an exciting district, where you plunge into the heart of a Dublin that is historic, modern and traditional at the same time.