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Sneem is a small coastal village in Kerry on the Iveragh Peninsula. Sneem is one of the villages on the Ring of Kerry circuit, one of the most beautiful roads in Ireland, which crosses Kerry for 180km. Sneem is a typical Irish village, where the inhabitants live to the rhythm of the ocean and the flow of tourists who come to discover the village . A very nice place, where it is good to make a stop…

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A Calm and Peaceful Village

Sneem is located on the N70, one of the main roads in County Kerry. The Gaelic name of the village “A tSnaidhm” would mean “Knot” in English. According to one theory, this name comes from the fact that the Sneem River forms a swirling knot as it flows into Kenmare Bay. Others believe that Sneem forms a knot when the village is observed from the air.

In any case, Sneem is a small coastal village, built along a charming little beach. The village traditionally lives from fishing and tourism, and the warmth of its people, its pubs and local shops with their colourful signs are particularly attractive.

Sneem is famous for its local crafts and shops.

Special mention should be made of “Hickey’s Music”, a particularly well-stocked traditional Irish music shop, where you can buy CDs (to accompany you on your car journey), or Irish instruments such as bodhràns or tin whistles.

Also don’t miss the many sculptures in the city: one of them comes from Egypt and depicts the goddess Isis. Another, located in St Michael’s Church presents the risen Christ, and is believed to be the work of Joseph McNally. Another, located in a street in the city centre, presents the French politician Charles de Gaulle, in homage to his frequent visits during his time as President of France.

Do not hesitate to stroll along the main avenue of the village: you will appreciate the peaceful calm of its inhabitants, and the charm of the ocean that rumbles nearby…

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A wooded park, where it is good to stroll and admire some masterpieces of contemporary art.

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