Smithfield is a district in central Dublin, located on the north bank of the Liffey River. Situated between the famous O’Connell Street and Phoenix Park, the area is resolutely lively and dynamic! It is there that you will be able to discover its markets, its horse fair, or its many street animations!

Visit the district of Smithfield

Dublin’s gastronomic district!

Notice to gourmets: Smithfield is an ideal district if you like local products and make gastronomic and cultural discoveries!

Indeed, the district is home to the Dublin City Fruit Vegetable and Flower Market, a market for vegetables, fruit and flowers, rather famous for the quality of its products!

Here, you can taste the best of the Irish soil, between cheeses, meat, and vegetables grown on Irish soil! The market has an atmosphere that is second to none, and the merchants don’t hesitate to liven up the idle walk of passers-by!

The Smithfield Horse Fair

But Smithfield is more than just a grocery store. It also has a reputation for organizing a traditional horse fair (the Smithfield Horse Fair) once a month!

Held in Smithfield Plaza, this horse fair has been held here for over 400 years. A tradition dear to the Dubliners, who take advantage of the occasion to admire magnificent breeds of horses, from Connemara or more specific crossbreeds.

Here, horses are sold and exchanged in a friendly and good-natured atmosphere.

A very curious experience, especially in the heart of Dublin city centre!

The Old Jameson Distillery

Located just off Smithfield Plaza is the Old Jameson Distillery and its fireplace. Created in 1780, it is no longer in operation but still opens its doors to a public curious about the distillation practices of Irish whiskey.

Converted into a museum, it presents the history of the Jameson Empire, the manufacturing process of the beverage, as well as the technique of triple distillation (a 100% Irish concept!).
The icing on the cake: you can climb to the top of the distillery’s chimney, which has been converted into an observation tower, and will offer you an exceptional view of Dublin!

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