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Sheep’s Head (also called Muntervary) is a beautiful Irish peninsula, located near Bantry Bay and Dunmanus Bay (Co. Cork). Very popular with walkers, it is best known for the rugged beauty of its scenery, as well as for its steep cliffs overlooking the ocean.

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A peninsula that lives to the rhythm of the sea

Let’s face it: the Sheep’s Head peninsula has no real tourist attraction, except for the natural beauty of its landscapes and its 3 small villages (Durrus, Ahakista and Kilcrohane). Walkers warmly recommend the Sheep’s Head Way, which is an 88km long hiking trail. You will then walk along beautiful trails along the coast to the tip of the peninsula.

The scenery is simply fabulous, and you will be able to make a few stops in the 3 villages of the area. Don’t hesitate to ask for a break: their pubs are rather warm and their inhabitants are very welcoming!