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Saltee Islands : activities and sites to visit

Great Saltee Island

Localisation en Irlande
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The Great Saltee Island is an island that belongs to the Saltee Islands archipelago. Located 5 kilometres off the...

What to expect?

If you like islands and places with little traffic, then we recommend the discovery of the Saltee Islands archipelago! It is a group of 2 islands (the Great Saltee and the Little Saltee), both located less than 5km off the coast of County Wexford.

Visit the Saltee Islands

Protected islands to discover on a hike

The Saltee Islands are still little known to the public, but they contain countless treasures! Accessible from Kilmore via a shuttle bus, they will amaze you with their paradisiacal beaches, turquoise water, colourful and lush flora and fauna!

For the islands are true protected reserves, with their grey seals and countless varieties of seabirds! In short, a real paradise for walkers, photographers and swimmers in search of perfect beaches! The two islands sometimes even take on the appearance of Mediterranean islands in good weather!