Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Connemara, Roundstone is a seaside resort rather famous for the beauty of its wild landscapes. Situated not far from Clifden, in the heart of Bertraghboy Bay, the road (R341) leading to Roundstone is one of the most extraordinary in Ireland, allowing you to travel along the Irish coastline, while remaining at the foot of the majestic Errisbeg mountain.

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Fishing Harbour and Roundstone Town Centre

Downtown Roundstone is cute as anything, and opens up to a pretty little fishing port with a lively atmosphere. Local fishermen come and go there night and day, to bring back great catches, and sell them to passers-by as soon as they get out of the boat…

On the program, sale of crab and lobster at the auction, shrimp, mackerel, cod…etc… A great way to enjoy the daily life of an Irish coastal village!

However, if you prefer to enjoy your fish directly on your plate, without having to go through the “kitchen” box, you should know that Roundstone is full of restaurants and pubs offering seafood dishes, all from the local fishing industry. Everything is fresh, economical, and delicious (always freshly caught of the day).

The centre of the village is also very lively, with a strong emphasis on local crafts. Indeed, there is a plethora of craft shops, offering handmade pottery, jewelry, or even instruments from the great violin makers of the region.

Roundstone is indeed famous for welcoming great and talented Irish artists, and their shops are always full during the high tourist season! A must do!

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A pretty Irish bay, with fine sand and transparent waters. You'll want to go for a swim!

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