Rostrevor is a village in County Down, Northern Ireland. It is located at the foot of the Slieve Martin mountain, with the river Kilbroney running right through it. A small village rather nice and authentic, surrounded by wild nature!

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A village with many vestiges

We appreciate rostrevor for its calm and the friendliness of its inhabitants. Famous for its fiddle festival, the “Fiddler’s Green Festival”, the village is also famous for its Cloghmore Stone, a 50-ton granite rock, located on the slopes of Slieve Martin Mountain, 300 metres above the village of Rostrevor. Nicknamed “the big stone”, it is believed to be the result of the retreat of the glaciers (although many Celtic legends also revolve around the rock). According to the Irish, walking around it seven times would bring good luck!

Also don’t miss the Kilfeaghan Dolmen, located on the main road from Kilkeel to Newry, about 2.5 km from Rostrevor. It is a prehistoric dolmen dating from 2000 to 1000 BC.

Other places of interest include the Bronach bell in the village church. It is said to be about 900 years old. There are many stories about how the bell frightened the inhabitants when they passed the church of St. Bronach on stormy nights. Many people would be stunned by its powerful sound.

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